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This will cover the full annual membership fee for the Premium Membership Access and Upgraded Digital Subscription to PREPARE Magazine.  The monthly membership subscription fee is $6.97. 

By paying one-time for the year, you will receive a substantial savings.  Taking advantage of this savings will lower your cost to less than $3.00 per month for this Premium Membership.

With the Official Launch of PREPARE Magazine, here are some of the excellent trainings and benefits we are releasing to our Premium Membership Subscribers:

  • Monthly Digital Publication of PREPARE (premium edition)
  • Downloadable PDF file of all Monthly Digital Publications.
  • Ability to Print Only Specifically Selected Articles or Print Full Digital Issues.
  • Access to Archive files with all previously released Digital Publications
  • Special Monthly Webinars and “How-to” Reports
  • Monthly Premium Live Preparedness Training Webinars
  • Archived Recordings (video) of Training Webinars
  • Regular Webinars and “Live” interviews to highlight what families are doing to Prepare
  • Digital Viewer to use with Mobile Devices
  • Membership forum and discussion board to share ideas (Monitored to maintain clean environment)
  • Monthly Special Downloadable Reports, Articles, and Training Videos
  • Digital Download copy of the book, “Whole Wheat Bread Making”
  • Special Digital Report on “Building a homemade hydro-electric Generator”
  • Special “How to” Reports and Digital Books on Preparedness topics (New Release each month)
  • Special Discount on the print-copy subscription of PREPARE Magazine
  • Discounts for gift-subscriptions of  PREPARE Magazine (print-copy) for friends
  • Special Member Discounts on Preparedness Resources and Supplies
  • Special Advertising Discounts for PREPARE Magazine
  • Special drawings and incentives
  • Participation in our Partners Referral Program (Affiliate)


Thank you for visiting and for your interest in PREPARE Magazine. We are currently searching for long-term founding Advertising Partners, and are offering a very Special Promotion to the serious movers. Look in our Special Promotions section for all the details.

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