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Digital Classified Ad

Digital Classified Ads are text only ads that usually appear in a special "Classified" section of the magazine.  

  • Digital Classified Ad can a have a maximum of 5 word bold title.
  • Digital Classified Ad body size is: 70 words or less.
  • Digital Classified Ad total word count not to exceed 75
  • Phone Numbers or Email Addresses count as one word each.
  • Digital Classified Ads may contain one link which counts as one word.*
  • Classified ads will contain no graphics.
  • Advertiser is responsible for all content, communications with buyer and liability.

Our Classified advertisements typically appear in a special Classified Section of the Magazine.  There are occasions where a classified ad will appear on other pages throughout the magazine, but this cannot be either guaranteed nor requested.    

 *Link is subject to approval. A singular item sale, land or announcement is usually approved.  Links to businesses, shopping carts, affiliate marketing and preparedness services are better served by an image ad within the magazine and are subject to approval based upon potential other available image ad space that may serve the advertiser better.  Links can be submitted for approval prior to purchasing a classified ad.  Email them to:

PREPARE Magazine reserves the right to select advertisers who have no offensive images or text and adhere to the Mission of the magazine. Please work with our Advertising Department to produce a high-quality ad that can be approved in a timely manner.


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