PREPARE Magazine

Digital Full Page Ad (Specified Placement)

A Digital Full-page, Full-color Display Advertisement in your choice of a specified place for a selected number of monthly runs.

We, like most media ad agencies, suggest a minimum of 3 months for viewers to become familiar with your ad, your brand and what you offer.


Your Digital Full Page Display Ad (Specified Placement) is up to your choice.  See the drop down menu to make your selection.

  • Advertisement size is 7.5" x 10" / 672 x 960  pixels (Full Page).
  • Advertiser is responsible for content, ad design/layout, and graphics. *
  • All ads (graphics) must be submitted in minimum quality of 300dpi.
  • Advertiser is responsible for Ad arrival by due date.  Late ads will not run until the next digital issue.


* We recommend for quickly produced, quality ads at very reasonable prices.


PREPARE Magazine reserves the right to select advertisers who have no offensive images or text and adhere to the Mission of the magazine. Please work with our Advertising Department to product a high quality ad that can be approved in a timely manner.


Thank you for visiting and for your interest in PREPARE Magazine. We are currently searching for long-term founding Advertising Partners, and are offering a very Special Promotion to the serious movers. Look in our Special Promotions section for all the details.

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