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Print Wholesale Trial Packet

This is a packet of five (5) of the same back issue at a greatly reduced rate so that you can try a test run in your shop or retail outlet.

Back-Issues have a Minimum Advertised Price that is reduced from the Current Issue News Stand price thus making them a great introduction for your patrons.  

There are different packets. Please select one based upon your needs. Even if you have more than one location, we can accommodate special trials in each.  Please contact us if you have more than 2 retail outlets for greater discounts.

And so that you can start trying them out as soon as possible, we cover priority shipping to get these to you in a timely manner.



Thank you for visiting and for your interest in PREPARE Magazine. We are currently searching for long-term founding Advertising Partners, and are offering a very Special Promotion to the serious movers. Look in our Special Promotions section for all the details.

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